Knysna Private Hospital

Kirsten Construction has been contracted by Life Knysna Private Hospital to perform repair of the roof. The roof had multiple leaks due to aging, disintegration of the isolation underneath the roof tiles, and historical incorrect application of waterproofing products.

From the onset, we were impressed with the neatness of the site establishment at the hospital. Everything was in its place with minimal disruptions to hospital activities.

The work was done systematically, according to the agreed plan and within the estimated timeframe given. Considering that the roof can’t be open above hospital rooms during rain of severe wind, the project was managed well with consideration to the patients and hospital staff. Being situated in a residential area, there were minimal disruption to the neighbouring retirement village and the small concerns were quickly resolved. Previous building work was done against the border of the retirement village by another company, and this project can’t be compared when considering the small amount of issues we had compared to previous projects.

Every day the waste that was generated from the old roof was removed from the hospital property, ensuring that the site stayed clean and presentable.

It was effortless to work with Kirsten Construction and I’m glad that we could partner on this project.

The roof looks great.

Nevil Vlok

Hospital Manager

Life Knysna Private Hospital

10 August 2018