House Carstens – Testimonial

I want you to know how much we appreciate the way you conduct your business, and the service you have given us, when taking on the project of building our lovely home on difficult terrain.

It was very obvious from the beginning that David had an amazing team that enjoyed what they were doing. I had the privilege to work with a super team that work together, where everyone new exactly what was expected of them every day.

The whole Kirsten Construction team was organised and on time every morning, arrived with all equipment and tools ready for the days work. Ending off each day, all would get in and help clean up the building site before leaving. How impressed I was.

I never had a sleepless night worrying about sloppy work, money wasted, or short cuts taken.
Everything was conducted in such a professional way, I never expected it could be done when building a house.

The atmosphere at the building site daily was pleasant and everything was under control and strict supervision as David and Kevin was always present, and at all times there was a watchful eye, that caused for the reason the house was built fast and the job gets done. All quotes, invoices and communication was on time and followed up right away, making things much easier for us.

What was most impressive is the way David went out his way to please his clients. Building with him side by side every day as the house was custom built, David were always concerned that we are pleased with everything that was done.

Always asking if we were happy after completing a certain project, and if there was anything we wanted to change. It gave us a choice, and that took all the stress out of building. You also gave us advice on things we knew nothing about, and you came up with the greatest suggestions and ideas that was incorporated in the house.

Your work was always of the highest quality, and as a perfectionist, you do precision work and would never except anything but the best.

Not to mention how uncomplicated it made it for us that we could use only one person, as you are skilled to do everything, from building, plastering, roofs, cupboards, painting decking, organising electricity and plumbing, and concrete projects, right to the end, till arranging everything so inspection could be done and the house signed off.

Thank you very much to the whole team of Kirsten Construction for making our dream come true by building
our lovely home. It was a great and positive experience for us and we are very pleased.

Who said building is stressful for the owner I could easily build another home with you.

Thanking Kirsten Construction sincerely.


Frieda Carstens